Ripple News: Former SWIFT CEO joins Ripple and NetCents adds XRP

Ripple News: Former SWIFT CEO joins Ripple and NetCents adds XRP

Ripple Senior Vice President: Improving as a core strategy

According to Google the former head of SWIFT is now an exec at Ripple, and NetCents adds XRP.

Former SWIFT CEO joins Ripple

About 9 months ago, during the FinTech Forum 2019 in Paris, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse jokingly suggested to Gottfried Leibbrandt, who then led SWIFT, but was about to resign in June, to work at Ripple. The proposal was not serious, but now the former head of SWIFT was shown by Google search engine among the leaders of Ripple, along with Brad Garlinghouse, Chris Larsen and who joined the board some time ago, director Yoshitaka Kitao.

It is worth noting that the information that Gottfried Leibrandt has officially joined Ripple has not yet been confirmed. However, the probability of this is pretty high, given certain statistics. So, Marcus Traicher previously worked at SWIFT, being a member of the Global Council for 6 years there. In addition, Marjan Delatinne also moved from SWIFT from the position of head of business development in the initiatives of payment and securities markets to Ripple. Therefore, the possibility of a new replenishment of Ripple personnel by former SWIFT employees is present.

NetCents Adds XRP

NetCents has announced the addition of Ripple XRP to the NetCents merchant gateway and Instant Settlement program, which allows you to make purchases from all existing sellers. Currently, Ripple XRP integration testing is underway in NetCents, and other plans will be implemented in the future. According to NetCents CTO Mehdi Mehrtash, Ripple XRP is a top digital asset, given the large daily volume and ever-growing demand from sellers.

With Ripple being a top cryptocurrency, with high daily volume and an increasing demand from merchants, Ripple is aligned with our requirements for our Instant Settlement program. We look forward to adding this digital currency to our platform and offering it to our merchants.

Thus, Ripple XRP fully complies with NetCents requirements for the instant settlement program. It was previously known from Gottfried Leibbrandt that Ripple during the Swell conference officially introduced the latest RippleNet Home technology, which should significantly improve the financial transfer market.

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