Ripple launches new RippleNet Home project and Brad Garlinghouse comments on XRP price fluctuations

Ripple launches new RippleNet Home project and Brad Garlinghouse comments on XRP price fluctuations

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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse commented on the XRP price fluctuations and Ripple introduces the RippleNet Home project during the Swell conference in Singapore.

New project RippleNet

Ripple announced during the Swell conference the launch of the RippleNet Home project. According to Ripple, this is a completely new experience for consumers and investors with a focus on improving the financial transfer market. RippleNet Home is designed to be a fusion point for users in the Ripple ecosystem so that transactions and requests are processed even faster.

Thanks to the new project, Ripple network members will be able to connect and collaborate with each other, analyze financial corridors and gain access to data analytics on their own transactions. RippleNet Home will provide an opportunity to improve the overall financial transfer market. A feature of RippleNet Home includes a direct understanding of the company’s payment stream with data transmitted by region in real-time. In addition, a new project company Ripple allows companies to estimate the size of other partners to obtain a reliable assessment of their performance and make the right decision. Thanks to this latest Ripple technology, the customer will be able to choose a business partner that is ideally suited to all purposes.

The opinion of the head of Ripple on the price of XRP

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse commented on the fluctuations in the value of XRP, offering his assessment of the effectiveness of this digital asset in 2019. Ripple XRP fluctuates in a not so wide range, however significantly. There are short-term drops in value. Garlinghouse said the focus is on the long term.

According to the head of Ripple, we are not talking about three days or even three months. Understanding the benefits of Ripple XRP in the world is gradual. Organizations are gradually starting to use Ripple XRP to increase the benefits of transaction efficiency. In fact, it can take up to 20 years. Therefore, the Ripple CEO does not evaluate XRP in the short term. The cost of Ripple XRP will continue to increase, and this will depend on the growth of the adoption of a digital asset, as well as on its development with the work at the maximum efficiency.

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