Ripple in Education: University of Malta introduces DLT Master’s Degree

Ripple in Education: University of Malta introduces DLT Master's Degree

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Ripple in education previously actively manifested itself in the framework of the university initiative UBRI. Through this initiative, Ripple funded certain higher education institutions, and also advised on blockchain issues and provided other materials. The Ripple investment project was aimed primarily at the popularization of crypto technologies, as well as the discovery of new industries where they can be applied. Educational institutions themselves also show a certain initiative in this regard. So, the University of Malta announced that now students here can get a master’s degree in blockchain and Ripple DLT.

Ripple in Education: Details

Ripple DLT at the University of Malta now has a Masters’s degree. It is on the blockchain and Ripple DLT that you can now get a master’s degree in this educational institution. About 35 students have already enrolled in the Ripple DLT Master’s Course. Joshua Ellul, Director of the Master’s Program and Chairperson of Malta’s Digital Innovation Office, outlined the reasons for creating such a special Ripple DLT program.

According to him, the Ripple DLT master’s degree was introduced due to the discovery of a huge problem between technical experts, lawyers, and business experts. Between them, there was a significant disconnect. It is the Ripple DLT-oriented master’s program that could help bridge this gap, serving the interdisciplinary goals of various specialties.

Other news

In general, Ripple DLT are now being used more and more often. Ripple DLT technology not only serves as an intermediary between specialties, as is the case with the University of Malta but also often serves to counter fraudulent activities. For example, there are known cases of the use of Ripple DLT for authenticating shoes – New Balance Athletics. This is quite significant, given that fakes for popular brands often use not just inferior materials to reduce the cost of the manufacturing process, but some unhealthy ones that can at least cause allergic reactions. Therefore, control in this plan is extremely important, which can now be carried out including through the use of Ripple DLT technology. Ripple DLT is also useful for building trust in politicians – in a project from Ernst and Young, involving verification of the targeted use of public funds.

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