Ripple advances through partnerships: Finablr with UnionPay and InstaReM rebranding in Nium

Ripple advances through partnerships: Finablr with UnionPay and InstaReM rebranding in Nium

Ripple is advancing through partnerships, and this is one of their most important company strategies. Partnerships with Ripple firms are very important. In addition, the restructuring of the organizations associated with the company itself is also important for Ripple. So, the partner of Ripple Finablr will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with UnionPay, and InstaReM is rebranding in Nium.

Finablr with UnionPay

Ripple partner Finablr announced that it will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with UnionPay International for a global partnership in the field of payment technologies. This is consistent with Ripple’s primary goal of establishing partnerships across the spectrum.

According to the official release of the Ripple partner, under the agreement, UnionPay cardholders will be able to access a number of services offered by Finablr’s global network of trusted brands in various markets. UnionPay will accelerate the expansion of its international network, using the universal capabilities of the partner Ripple Finablr. Communication, in this case, will concern electronic wallets for international payments, VAT refunds, digital purchases, and gifts, as well as ATM networks. Accordingly, this also applies to Ripple, given the emphasis on cross-border transactions.

InstaReM rebrands at Nium

Ripple InstaReM partner rebrands at Nium to create a world of open money. The official announcement from this Ripple partner states that rebranding was part of a long-thought-out strategy. Nium co-founder emphasized that rebranding of InstaReM in Nium will also allow direct interaction with existing and future corporate partners. Thus, this can definitely affect InstaReM’s position regarding the partnership with Ripple. Details of a likely change in position, in this case, are not yet available.

Other news

It was previously known that Ripple XRP transactions amounted to 1.6 million. This is more than half the amount of transactions with other digital assets, including Bitcoin, which in this case was in third place. Some of the indicated volumes for Ripple XRP relates to debt receipts sent via XRP. The reason for the growth of transactions, according to a specialist @klyax from the largest Ripple XRP community RippleXRPClub on Telegram, could be Ripple’s DEX platform

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