Research: 5% of Britons own bitcoin (BTC), 9% intend to buy it

Research: 5% of Britons own bitcoin (BTC), 9% intend to buy it

Research: 5% of Britons own bitcoin (BTC), 9% intend to buy it

A new survey among British respondents shows that 5.3% currently owns bitcoin (BTC) and that 6.8% plans to buy BTC in the future.

In the survey, published on October 29 and conducted by Crypto Radar, a cryptocurrency news site, 2,500 Britons between the ages of 18 and 65+ were surveyed using Google Surveys.

The survey asked: How do you feel about investing in bitcoin? The respondents could choose from the following answers:

  • I do NOT own any. NOT Planning to buy any.
  • Never heard of Bitcoin before.
  • I do NOT own any. Planning to buy some.
  • I own some. NOT planning to buy more.
  • I own some. Planning to buy more.

The vast majority, 67.5%, have indicated that they do not own bitcoin or that they have the intention to buy it in the future. More than 20% even said they had never heard of bitcoin.

5.3% have indicated that they own bitcoin, but 3.3% do not intend to buy more in the future. The other 2% is planning that. 6.8% plans to buy bitcoin but currently does not own bitcoin. If one only looks at men between 35 and 44, that percentage rises to 11.8%.

The research draws the following conclusions:

Bitcoin represents a highly volatile asset class that deserves careful consideration before it is added to an investment portfolio. Based on the results of the study, younger, established British investors in their mid-thirties to mid-forties are the least risk-averse to accepting bitcoin volatility due to the potential of huge profits.

It is up to bitcoin to better inform British Young Professionals about its benefits as a currency, technology and, more importantly, as an investment.

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