Reports and social media indicate that the iTunes brand is retiring

Apple seems to be getting ready to let the iTunes brand retire. Sources from Bloomberg and 9to5Mac reported last week. In addition, Apple is now also wiping out iTunes on social media.

The iTunes Facebook page has been completely emptied since Saturday. MacRumors notes that it seems that the content, likes and even the creation date of that page have been transferred to the Apple TV Facebook page . ITunes on Instagram has also been eliminated. Also, links to music, apps or other content running through would now be redirected to subdomains such as or

Both Bloomberg and 9to5Mac report that Apple plans to replace iTunes with apps for music, TV shows, and podcasts. That would align the Apple software for laptops and desktops with their counterparts on tablets and smartphones. 9to5Mac even managed to get screenshots of music and TV apps.

Apple has been using the iTunes brand since 2001 when it released version 1.0 of the software. The app was based on the mp3 player Sound Jam MP, which Apple had taken over from the makers the year before. The functionalities for video, synchronization of data with, for example, iPods and the possibility to stream and purchase media, have been added over the years. The software is for macOS and Windows and the Windows 10 Store.

The official cut of the button with regard to iTunes may happen in the coming days. Apple is holding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference from Monday June 3 to Friday June 7. Apple always makes several announcements during that event.

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