Players have spent two billion dollars in mobile battle-royale games

Since the emergence of free battle-royale games on smartphones, players have spent over two billion dollars worldwide on it, according to estimates from Sensor Tower analysts. Such games have been in existence for less than two years.

According to the Sensor Tower figures, the smartphone version of Fortnite is in second place, with a turnover of more than 630 million dollars since its release. However, that is only the revenue of the iOS version and with that it is likely that the total is much higher with the revenue from the Android version added to it.

Knives Out, a game focused on the Chinese market and released in November 2017, has raised 643 million dollars so far. PUBG Mobile is in third place with around 439 million dollars. That game was also popular in China, but Tencent was not allowed to earn money with it. That is why the game in China has now been replaced by an alternative called Game for Peace. Garena Free Fire and Rules of Survival are in third and fourth place, these are titles from NetEase and these games must also have the Asian market.

There is still growth in the numbers and releases of mobile battle-royal games according to Sensor Tower. The five titles allegedly raised $ 476 million in the first quarter of this year. Players spend the most in PUBG Mobile; $ 148 million in the past quarter.

The rise of battle-royale games on smartphones started a few years ago after the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the PC. In all cases it is about games that are free to download, but where players can buy cosmetic items or so-called battle passes with real money. The games have hundreds of millions of players. PUBG Mobile, for example, has one hundred million monthly active players; those are only the players outside of China.

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