Playdate handheld console has black and white screen and rotary handle


The Firewatch publisher comes with its own handheld console. The device is called Playdate and has a 2.7 “screen that only displays black and white. On the side there is a rotary handle for control in ‘experimental’ games.

If the Playdate comes out in early 2020 for 149 dollars, buyers will get a ‘season’ of games. It concerns twelve games, one of which is released each week. It should be a surprise to players what games they get, the developer says on his website. The games are not announced in advance. It is in any case new games that have been developed for the Playdate. Keita Takahashi, among others, makes one of the games. That Japanese developer is known from Katamari.

The device has dimensions of 74x76x9mm and a 2.7 “screen with a resolution of 400×240 pixels. The screen has no backlight and therefore incident light is needed to be able to read the screen. On the side there is a rotary handle that uses will be in some of the games, and there will be at least one game that uses the lever as the sole control option – Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure, with images on the Playdate website, and the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB -c and headphone connection.

The Playdate is a Panic handheld console. That is a software developer who has also focused on publishing games. Panic is among other things the creator of macOS and iOS application Coda and the publisher of the game Firewatch.

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