Oracle and World Bee Project track honey blockchain stability

Oracle and World Bee Project track honey blockchain stability

Oracle and World Bee Project track honey blockchain stability

According to a July 5 Ledger Insights report, the tech giant Oracle and the World Bee Project are developing a system to ensure honey’s stability in the supply chain based on blockchains.

Reportedly, the blockchain for tracking honey will be developed on the Oracle Blockchain platform. According to the report, this partnership is aimed at releasing the BeeMark label, which is the intended guarantee that the so-called honey comes from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources.

In addition to blockchain technology, BeeMark also plans to use data science to monitor environmental factors related to the environment of bees. Oracle also plans to install monitoring systems inside hives around the world to monitor the behavior and health of bees.

Obviously, in the past, Oracle has worked with WBP to develop a blockchain-based solution that certifies honey as genuine. According to the report, this solution tracks the information uploaded to the Oracle Blockchain platform to check for changes in honey in the supply chain.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of supply chain tracking, the report points out that Oracle and WBP ultimately seek to explore the decline in the number of bees with this joint block chain. According to the report, declining bees pose a risk to future agriculture.

As previously reported, the food retailing giant Nestlé collaborates with the blockchain platform OpenSC to implement supply chain tracking. In April, Nestlé also became a partner of the IBM Trust Trust network, which is another initiative to track blockchain-based products.

Walmart China also recently announced a partnership with VeChain to track production via the Thor blockchain. According to VeChain, a significant portion of Walmart China products will now be tracked.

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