Online vacancy especially for ‘Satoshi, the inventor of bitcoin (BTC)’


An online job posting has been posted that is looking for a suitable candidate to pose as the anonymous Bitcoin maker Satoshi Nakamoto . The vacancy makes nine demands on Satoshi.

He or she must be prepared to post pseudo-intellectual messages on social media; to be friendly to the government; and may never sign the Bitcoin Genesis block to confirm his identity. In short, the message seems to be looking for Craig Wright.

Become Satoshi

The ad appeared on – a crypto-based job site where users earn Bitcoin Cash for completing small tasks. The vacancy with the title “Become Satoshi” contains nine points that the successful candidate must meet.

The skill requirements for pretending to be the inventor of bitcoin are rather low.

  • A twitter account of at least one year old and with more than 300 followers
  • Never talked about your identity on the same twitter account
  • Be ready that you will be presented as Satoshi forever
  • Post as many inspiring quotes as possible
  • Try to decorate your profile with as many intellectual and pseudo-intellectual brains as possible, preferably with crypto coins
  • Make sure no one forgets that you are Satoshi
  • Be kind to governments, remind people that bitcoin is not for criminals
  • Do not prove that you are Satoshi by signing a block
  • Stay in your role for at least a week

Satirical joke

The advertisement is clearly an attempt at a satirical joke, with the intention of emphasizing the ridiculousness of the entire Satoshi saga.

Anyway, there is a 12.5 mBCH (around $ 5!) reward for the person who can meet all these requirements.

Craig Wright increasingly in negative spotlight

All this is of course a nod to the hassle around Craig Wright, he claims to be Satoshi.

The controversial frontman of Bitcoin SV (BSV) has received much media attention in recent months. Mainly due to a number of lawsuits that have been filed .

Wright is also portrayed in a painting, a persiflage of the artist Pascal Boyart. The Frenchman who already made pieces about bitcoin, crypto and the well-known yellow vests. Boyart is perhaps best known for his murals in which private keys from Bitcoin wallets are hidden.

At a CoinGeek conference in Toronto on May 30, Wright made a series of claims that raised the eyebrows. Wright claims that the illegal activities are the only reason for the continued existence of Bitcoin (BTC). He claims that: 30 percent of the ‘ Binance and Tether money’ is used to finance illegal activities such as prostitution and slavery.

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