Number of unique daily bitcoin (BTC) wallet addresses reaches 1 million

Number of unique daily bitcoin (BTC) wallet addresses reaches 1 million

In addition to reaching a new annual high , there is more positive news about bitcoin (BTC) . The number of daily active wallet addresses has increased considerably in the recent period. Bit by bit, bitcoin adoption is increasing, which in the long run may turn out to be positive for the largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization.

Wallet addresses that are active every day are the number of unique wallet addresses with which and to which bitcoins are sent. This makes it a good indicator to determine the extent of bitcoin adoption at the moment. This number has increased steadily in recent months, after the crypto winter seems to have ended.

From the beginning of January 2019, for example, there is a clear trend reversal. And now the number of active web addresses has broken through the 1 million. The analyst Kevin Rooke writes on Twitter:

In another tweet, Rooke notes that the last time the number of daily active addresses exceeded 1 million (in November 2017), the transaction costs were higher than now. For example, in that period you paid an average of $ 3.23 in transaction costs, now it is only $ 1.33.

The bitcoin adoption seems to be increasing with this. In addition to this positive news, the bitcoin course can count on even more support. In the near future there will be more clarity about Facebook’s own cryptocurrency . It is expected that the cryptocurrency will stimulate general crypto adoption, which means that bitcoin may have even more users.

The positive news coincided with a sudden and fairly unexpected rise in the bitcoin rate. Bitcoin peaked last night and formed a new annual high at $ 9,388.

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