Nintendo forcing “Mario Royale” to be taken offline for the second time

mario royale

According to Nintendo, the developer behind “Mario Royale”, a battle-like Super Mario Bros. game has violated copyright laws, forcing the game to be taken offline. Earlier the maker received a warning and the changes proved to be insufficient.

On its site, developer InfernoPlus says that despite the changes after the previous takedown based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Nintendo still believes the game is infringing copyright. The developer does not know what copyrights these are, but it seems that the levels and overall gameplay are still too similar to those of the original Super Mario Bros. The developer indicates that he does not know what to adjust and does not want to blindly change things to prevent even more legal consequences. Infernoplus indicates that he will soon go into detail about the game and its short life span on its YouTube channel.

The battle royale-like game suddenly appeared on the internet a few weeks ago, after which the developer a quickly got the message from Nintendo that he had to take the game offline. Infernoplus then adapted the game with adapted objects and characters. The game was since then called DMCA Royale with the main character Infringio instead of Mario.

In the game, a hundred players played against each other in randomly generated levels. The first player to reach the finish won and places two and three also got a mention, but all other players fell into the lava. The hundred Mario’s could not interact directly with each other but could do so through the game world, for example by strategically moving shields.


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