NEO is busy to integrate Celer Network (CELR)

NEO is busy to integrate Celer Network (CELR)

Blockchain project NEO is considering integrating the layer-2 scaling protocol from Celer Network (CELR). The goal is to improve scalability. The reported Crypto Briefing on August 17th.

John Wang, NEO’s director of Eco Growth, said integration with Celer is under discussion. The Celer platform is a solution that offers faster off-chain transactions, both for payments and general off-chain smart contracts.

NEO is already integrated with Trinity Network, an existing off-chain scale protocol that has been developed internally by NEO developers.

Celer is blockchain agnostic and can run on multiple chains simultaneously. It currently supports Ethereum, Oasis, Thunder (TT) and the DLT cloud computing project Dfinity. The protocol is open source, so every blockchain can be integrated.

According to the report, community members say that Celer is fifteen times faster than the lightning network of Bitcoin (BTC).

The core team of NEO is currently focused on the development of version 3.0, which will improve stability and scalability as a way to get users back to the network.

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