NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers partners with UnitedCoin

NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers partners with UnitedCoin

NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers partners with UnitedCoin

Yesterday the Cleveland Cavaliers has closely partnered with UnitedCoin, which deals with providing services related to crypto and blockchain.

UnitedCoin is a company registered with the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that allows you to send and receive either crypto or fiat using email or SMS. In addition, UnitedCoin also provides a Mastercard circuit debit card to be able to spend cryptocurrencies.

Very enthusiastic about this partnership, Nic Barlage, President of Cavaliers’ business operations, stated:

With the continuous evolution of decentralized technology, it is important to keep up with the times and plan the impact on the experience of our fans and the business as we go along. We are happy to work with UnitedCoin, a company that shares our ideas, motivated by innovative technology that can help us achieve this goal and we are excited about how this partnership will bring blockchain technology to our fans.

UnitedCoin will allow the NBA team to be known in the crypto sector and of course by their users, as also stated by the CEO of UnitedCoin, Derek Jones:

Our partnership is a great opportunity to introduce Cavs and Legion fans to our blockchain platform and to inform them about the advantages of cryptocurrencies, a reliable and safe alternative to cash.

The whole partnership will cover the 2019-2020 season, so a long enough period that will allow the Cleveland Cavaliers and UnitedCoin to grow and make themselves known in their respective sectors with an advantage over the other competitors.

It is not the first time that we witness this type of partnership between the sports and crypto world: recently the Miami Dolphins NFL team has also partnered with Litecoin, while in the racing sector Eidoo has sponsored a Mini Challenge car for the entire 2019 championship, driven by the Federico Alberti.

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