Mozilla introduces Firefox Premium service with subscription formula in October

firefox premium

Mozilla releases Firefox Premium in October, a paid service for Firefox users that includes internet storage and VPN support. A free version of Firefox Premium would also appear with a number of limitations.

Mozilla CEO Chris Beard confirmed the arrival of Firefox Premium in a conversation with the German magazine T3N . The new service should start in the fall, with Beard according to targeting the month of October. The CEO emphasizes that soon users will not have to pay money for features that are free today. Consider, for example, the Enhanced Tracking Protection that was added to Firefox in October last year.

The paid subscription will therefore only include additional functions, such as internet storage and VPN support, but further details about this are not yet known. According to Softpedia News there will also be a free version of Firefox Premium, with a limited amount of cloud storage and less bandwidth for the VPN service.

Firefox currently has a market share of around 10 percent on desktop computers. Chrome has a worldwide share of 67 percent.

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