MoneyGram wants to expand the use of Ripple XRP

MoneyGram wants to expand the use of Ripple XRP

MoneyGram wants to expand the use of Ripple XRP

MoneyGram wants to expand the use of Ripple XRP, expressing great enthusiasm in this regard. MoneyGram is actively working with Ripple. Strategic cooperation has given both MoneyGram and Ripple a lot. MoneyGram is now striving to expand the use of Ripple XRP.

MoneyGram wants to expand its use of Ripple XRP: Details

MoneyGram wants to expand the use of Ripple XRP, making payments cheaper and faster for individuals. The MoneyGram CEO expressed such plans for Ripple XRP during Fintech week 2019. In addition, as Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said, the head of MoneyGram called him asking him to speed up the technology advancement.

MoneyGram praises Ripple’s projects very much, striving to achieve even more. MoneyGram devotes a lot of emphasis to Ripple technology such as liquidity on demand, formerly also known as xRapid. MoneyGram, according to Ripple’s CEO, wants liquidity on demand to be launched in even more markets. Such a desire is based, among other things, on very successful experience with Mexico. Thanks to Ripple’s on-demand liquidity, companies can receive liquidity between different target corridors. For example, if a bank needs to send Mexican pesos to the Philippines and exchange them for Philippine pesos, then this can be done using Ripple XRP as an intermediary asset.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said the company wants to launch new payment corridors, but this is not entirely simple. First of all, Ripple needs to debug perfect interaction with regulatory authorities in order to further quietly open the corridors. Earlier, Ripple representatives already made a big emphasis on the importance of working with regulatory authorities. Ripple regularly emphasized that it is on this that the peace of customers who want to receive a particular service depends.

The agreement with government organizations, according to Ripple, will allow without limits to offer consumers what they really need. Ripple notes that the system must not be fought, but changed from the inside. In this regard, Ripple actively cooperates with various government agencies, conducting negotiations, as well as advising in the field of blockchain. This gives Ripple good enough results, and the company is very successful in its industry.

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