Monero network discovered serious vulnerabilities

Monero network discovered serious vulnerabilities

The network Monero discovered serious vulnerabilities. They have already been fixed.

Hackers could steal cryptocurrency from exchanges using faults in the Monero Altcoin software code.

Monero cryptocurrency developers have reported nine vulnerabilities recently found on the coin network. Most of the problems were solved about four months ago, information about one of the bugs has not yet appeared in the public domain, writes The Next Web.

Two vulnerabilities were rated “critical”, three were highly hazardous, two were moderate. Eight of nine problems are marked resolved. It is known that one of the bugs could be used to steal funds from cryptocurrency exchanges. The programmer who reported this received an award of 45 XMR ($ 4,100 at the average market rate at the moment).

The developers decided to publish information about the bugs found due to the release of the client Monero version The update appeared in June.


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