Minecraft: Story Mode disappears from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft discontinues the sale of Minecraft: Story Mode through its software store. After Telltale went bankrupt, the game was taken from various game platforms. Minecraft: Story Mode is available until June 25.

The spin-off of the popular sandbox game will be removed from the Microsoft Store on June 25, Mojang announced in a blog post . Players are advised to download both seasons before they are taken offline. After that, the games can only be played once they have been downloaded. Previously deleted GOG game library all Telltale games.

Steam previously removed Telltale games from its library. Minecraft: Story Mode is not the only game from Telltale that is no longer available. Tales of the Borderlands, Tales of Monkey Island and the Back to the Future game are no longer for sale.

In the episodic Minecraft game with two seasons of five episodes each, the player follows Jesse. Jesse has to find the so-called ‘Order of the Stone’ to prevent the destruction of his game universe.

The disappearance of the games is due to the bankruptcy of Telltale. In September of last year it was announced that the studio was going to close its doors.

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