Microsoft To-Do now available for Mac


Do you, as a Mac user, want to be able to display your daily tasks in a clearer way? Then Microsoft To-Do might be the solution.

Microsoft is continuing its expansion to MacOS. The company is working hard to bring their new Microsoft Edge browser to Mac, and now to-do, the popular list app in Windows 10.

You are probably wondering why you need yet another to-do app as a Mac user. A legitimate question. Where To-Do distinguishes itself is in the link with Outlook that you can set. Do you flag an e-mail message as important? Then you see it immediately appear in a list next to similar messages. Furthermore, the app has a day planner and you can simply add new lists of your choice. Very practical so if your work e-mail is in an office environment. To-Do also exists for Android and iOS, so there is a chance that you already use the app and now simply get more cross-platform options.

Did you use Wunderlist in the past? Then To-Do will probably appeal to you. After all, Microsoft took the app offline after the company took over in 2017 and the much-loved “My Day” functionality, which gives you a new to-do list every day, makes its return to To-Do.

The app can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

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