MediaTek’s flagship SoC contains the latest ARM technology and our 5G


For years MediaTek has lagged behind competitors such as Qualcomm, Exynos and HiSilicon. In 2020 it would change its strategy for SoCs by better anticipating the arrival of new technology.

Where you would expect mainly Computex computer hardware manufacturers, nothing is less true: MediaTek will also be present in 2019 to announce its latest flagship SoC. This processor contains a number of things that we have not yet seen at other SoCs from, for example, Exynos or Qualcomm, including the latest calculation cores from ARM. MediaTek is also the first chip manufacturer to display on-die 5G. Where that now still has to be with a separate 5G modem, that is now over with the newest MediaTek chip. For the time being we still have to do without a name and a release date for the chip, although we expect the chip to be on the market at the beginning of 2020.

Latest ARM technology

As indicated, MediaTek’s ‘chip without name’ is the first to contain the new technology from ARM. This specifically concerns the Cortex-A77 calculation cores, as well as the Mali-G77 graphics processor. The new Cortex-A77 cores must be 20 percent faster than the Cortex-A76 cores from the previous generation. ARM’s Mali-G77 graphics processor would be 30 percent faster than its predecessor, but that’s not all for the gpu. After all, it must be up to 60 percent faster in processing machine learning tasks. In addition, it is assisted by MediaTek’s APU, which will deal with AI tasks. The newest processor is based on the 7nm FinFET process of the Taiwanese TSMC.


MediaTek 5G SoC – 2

We see faster calculation cores every year, so not all of the attention is paid to the new SoC. MediaTek knows how to surprise with its 5G technology, which it has incorporated into the SoC. If you purchase a 5G telephone in 2019, the chance is extremely high that there will be a separate 5G modem in the telephone. A loose chip is in many cases a lot less efficient and also takes extra space on the motherboard. MediaTek indicates that the M70 5G modem can achieve maximum throughput speeds of 4.7 Gbps on sub-6GHz networks. The modem also contains multi-mode support, which means it will also work seamlessly on 2/3 / 4G networks.

Competition high end market

MediaTek has been in a difficult position for years. Although it can easily bake high-end SoCs, it cannot (yet) compete with manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Exynos or HiSilicon. The chance that this SoC from MediaTek can be found in high-end smartphones is therefore quite small. However, you will find many similar technologies next year, including the Cortex-A77 cores and an adapted version of the Mali-G77 graphics processor in many high-end SoCs. The company has announced that it will send the first samples to partners from Q4 2019, after which the phones with the high-end MediaTek SoCs will be available in stores from the first quarter of 2020.

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