Major Google outage affected Gmail, YouTube and third-party services

Google has had a major outage on Sunday evening and night with its Google Cloud, YouTube and G Suite services. As a result, services from the company and third parties were inaccessible for four hours.

The outage began on Sunday evening at about 9.30 p.m. and ended in the night from Sunday to Monday at 1.45 p.m., Google reports on its Google Cloud Platform Status Dashboard. Google attributes the failure to network congestion in the eastern part of the US, causing users slow connections and error messages. Google is investigating the malfunction and will provide more details based on the analysis.

Initially, users in the eastern US in particular reported problems, but along the way, the disruption also affected users in other regions with poor availability of YouTube and Gmail, including Europe, among others. In addition, services using the Google Cloud Platform were reduced or unavailable, including Snapchat, Vimeo and Discord.

It does not happen often that Google has to deal with a failure of this magnitude. The last time was almost a year ago.

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