Logistics providers in Austria join forces to form mega blockchain project

Logistics providers in Austria join forces to form mega blockchain project

Logistics providers in Austria join forces to form mega blockchain project

Local logistics providers in Austria want to digitize their processes more and therefore join forces to form a blockchain project that will automate around 75 million processes each year and save around 12 million sheets of paper. Using a blockchain will reduce costs for the entire industry and save time and resources. This was reported by Tiroler Tageszeitung on July 16.

Well-known logisticians like LKW Walter and the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Schenker are participating in the initiative. GS1 Austria and its subsidiary EDITEL Austria, the Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich (BVL) and WU Vienna will also be present. The consulting firm EY takes over the management of the project.

Freight documents still predominantly on paper

“Blockchain holds enormous potential for all industries, especially those with many standardized processes such as transport and logistics – if you use the technology properly,” said Michael Schramm, head of the German-speaking EY Blockchain competence center, on Tuesday, according to the EY broadcast.

As part of the pilot project, freight documents, which are currently mainly paper-based, will be digitized using a blockchain. In addition to cost and resource savings, this should above all create more transparency and protection against counterfeiting. When implementing the project, attention should also be paid to the international standard for the electronic consignment note “e-CMR”.

In 2019, an analysis and pilot phase will begin, which should last until the end of the year. An entry into the project is therefore still possible for other companies. Following the pilot phase, the project is expected to result in a “commercial platform” in 2020, according to EY.

“Disruptive potential for logistics and supply chain management”

Naturally, the participating companies were optimistic about the launching initiative: “We are vigorously pursuing digitization initiatives in the logistics sector in order to be able to offer our customers even more efficient solutions. But we do not just want to react to trends, but also actively participate in the process and set new standards, “said DB Schenker CEO Alexander Winter, according to the press release.

The head of GS1 Austria, Gregor Herzog, sees the blockchain technology as “disruptive potential for logistics and supply chain management”. The daughter EDITEL also hopes to gain “important insights and synergies”. LKW Walter wants to fulfill expectations of their business partners by participating in the new project.

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