LG is developing a chip for artificial intelligence in household appliances

LG has developed its own chip for artificial intelligence. Many details about the CPU are not yet known, but LG wants to use the processor to control smart household appliances.

The company announced the so-called AI Chip on Friday. The chip works together with LG’s self-developed Neural Engine, which is intended to run deep learning algorithms.

According to LG, the chip can use AI on-device so that calculations can also be performed locally without an internet connection. The company also says that the chip has a special security engine on board with which processes that need to be better protected than others can run separately.

LG wants to use the chip primarily for household appliances that are becoming increasingly smarter. The company mentions robotic vacuum cleaners, washing machines and refrigerators. That is why the AI ​​Chip can interpret ‘visual intelligence’ and voting patterns to map objects, locations and spaces. LG says it also wants to collaborate with other companies, universities and laboratories in the future to make the AI ​​even smarter.

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