Less tracking and improved password manager in Firefox

The men from Firefox came today with 3 great novelties; new anti-tracking tools, new password manager and a data leak monitor. With this, the company hopes to remain a pioneer of internet security.

Privacy and security are becoming more important every day. Apple repeated this again yesterday in its developer conference, and Firefox is once again coming up today. After the countless global scandals in which sensitive information was leaked, Firefox has taken the lead and wants to become a pioneer of privacy.

Firefox VS. Chrome

That is why the Firefox team today launched a new release with new features that make it less easy for advertisers to follow you while you surf. The internet company immediately took action and took the challenge with Google Chrome. The video below shows how Firefox considers privacy to be of paramount importance.

The company calls it ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’. With that function you can make yourself invisible to cookies and trackers of advertisers. In itself, this new feature is not surprising, Mozilla has always placed the comfort and safety of its users at number 1. On the website we also read that the browser ‘protects your privacy, stores passwords securely and that it treats the user in a respectful way’. For new users the function will be automatically activated where it must be switched on manually for current users.

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