Lenovo and Qualcomm launch Project Limitless: the always connected 5G laptop

This 5G laptop, which is currently known as Project Limitless, from Lenovo and Qualcomm should be ready for sale next year.

5G smartphones are not yet ready for sale – 5G itself is therefore not yet ready to be rolled out – and the first 5G laptop has already been introduced. Laptop manufacturer Lenovo and chip manufacturer Qualcomm have been very busy in recent years to be able to show this prototype and they do so under the name Project Limitless.

Project Limitless: always connected

Many details are currently unknown, so how boundless the laptop will be is the key question at the moment. We do know that it will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8cx SoC that was announced in December. At the launch, “extreme” performance was promised to cope with the disappointing performance of PCs with a Snapdragon chipset. The Snapdragon 8cx, on the other hand, should deliver performance similar to the i5 processors from Intel.

The X55 modem has been chosen for 5G support. Lenovo wants to herald the new connected era and is talking about applications such as faster file transfer, video streaming in 4K and 8K, AR, VR and faster refresh rates in games. All this makes Project Limitless a productivity sample that is also suitable for entertainment purposes.

However, much more information is not available there. We currently know nothing about the price and further specifications. In terms of launch date, we finally know no more than “early 2020”.

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