Latin America’s social media giant Taringa is issuing its own crypto currency

Latin America's social media giant Taringa is issuing its own crypto currency

Latin America's social media giant Taringa is making crypto money

Latin America’s Facebook equivalent Taringa is making crypto money! But what drives the social media giants to turn to crypto money one by one?

Social media giant Taringa is making crypto money!

Taringa, which is very popular in Latin America, appealing to 75 million users and has a long tradition of 15 years, announced that it will issue its own crypto currency.

The announcement was made this week at the Blockchain Summit Latam in Mexico City.

Taringa Pioneros is Taringa’s pilot program towards decentralization. Come to Taringa and enjoy a decentralized platform that can be viewed on different channels.

When we take a look at Taringa’s past, we see that they were very interested in crypto currencies before. In 2015 , for example, the platform was rewarding Taringa-specific content producers with Bitcoin and following the trend closely.

As we see ourselves in the mirror, we can use social media platforms to see the society we are in. Social media platforms that reflect what is going on in the society as a mirror to us have become very important criteria for examining the society.

When we consider social media platforms in this context, we can make the following inference. So people will be starting to show interest in crypto currency in masses so that social media giants meet their demands to keep their users. In other words, the fact that social media is oriented towards crypto is an indication that society is turning towards crypto money.

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