Kraken Adds Fiat Funding Options

One of the most widely-used cryptocurrency exchanges announced today that they will integrate with Etana to provide users worldwide with the chance to fund their accounts with currencies from around the world such as USD, Euros, CAD, GBP, and Japanese Yen. The plan is for these deposit options to be available worldwide immediately to most clients, but users will have to create a wallet with Etana to do so. To create the wallet, a user must attach their bank account to it for funding. Once money is deposited into the Etana wallet, you can transfer money into your Kraken account quickly and without cost to you.

Currency exchange services

In addition to providing users with an easy way to deposit funds for trading, the Etana wallet also provides currency exchange services, allowing you to have versatility in your deposits and use the currency of your choice. To date, this is one of the best solutions that the crypto market has seen when it comes to depositing fiat into an account using multiple currencies.

What does it mean for Kraken?

Kraken has been enjoying success as an exchange for the professional traders in the industry. It is properly regulated and offers a suite of tools to help you execute trades easily. In June, Kraken reached a $4 billion valuation. They have also stated that they hold a war chest of over $100 million as a self-financed insurance policy. Kraken looks to continue its run of success with this improved financing option and hopes to appeal to users around the world with multi-currency functionality.

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