KLM is building the aircraft of the future

KLM is going to help build the Flying-V, the innovative aircraft prototype that is being developed at Delft University of Technology with a design by designer Justus Benad. The design distinguishes itself radically from our conventional passenger aircraft. The device would be a lot lighter and can therefore use up to 20% less fuel compared to an Airbus A350.

In recent years, more and more voices have been calling for aviation to contribute to its pollution on mother earth. In response, many airline companies are looking for innovative solutions.

Work is already underway on electric planes , but they will not soon come on the market for longer-haul flights . For that reason, KLM has opted for a conventional kerosene engine. The engines can easily be converted into, for example, electrically supplied jet engines.

That said, we naturally want to know when the first aircraft from Flying-V will be released. In September a first scale model should be ready that can fly. But it is expected that the real model will only be available on the market between 2040 and 2050.

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