July will be an important month for the TRON community

July will be an important month for TRON and its community . For example, the BTFS test network is being launched, BitTorrent Speed ​​will become available and TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, will have lunch with no one less than the billionaire Warren Buffett.

BTFS is the largest decentralized peer-2-peer data storage network. The platform allows users to store their data in a decentralized way. Existing cloud storage services use centralized data centers. BTFS will therefore be a lot safer thanks to the decentralization of the platform.

However, another important event is planned for July. Justin Sun is going to have lunch with one of the most successful investors in the world, Warren Buffett. Sun won the lunch thanks to his bid of no less than $ 4.5 million at a charity auction. The billionaire is known to be skeptical about cryptocurrencies. He said earlier:

There is a lot of fraud. Much has been stolen, so much has been lost. Bitcoin has not produced anything.

He does believe in the potential of blockchain . For example, he praised the invention of technology, but said that “blockchain is not dependent on Bitcoin .”

In short, Buffett is skeptical. During lunch, Sun will do his best to convince Buffett that not only will blockchain have a big impact, but also that cryptocurrencies will have that. Sun has already announced a strategy for this.

He will start the conversation by emphasizing that large companies such as Facebook, JPMorgan and IBM are each working on their own blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is, according to Sun, an important signal that the large companies in the world see potential in technology.

Whether Warren Buffett can be convinced is questionable. Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity to build a bridge between the traditional world of finance and cryptocurrency.

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