Jeff Bezos pays $ 38 billion in the most expensive divorce ever

Jeff Bezos pays $ 38 billion in the most expensive divorce ever

When Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, announced that he was going to divorce MacKenzie, we immediately knew that this would not be a cheap divorce.

Although Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos are not involved in a divorce, the almost ex-wife of the Amazon CEO is entitled to part of his assets. At the start of the divorce , speculation about the possible amounts that we would see here was soon concluded with the conclusion that it would probably be the most expensive divorce in history. These suspicions have now been confirmed, since MacKenzie will receive no less than $ 38 billion.

Promise makes debt

MacKenzie will not keep that $ 38 billion (from 4% of Jeff’s Amazon shares) to herself. Not long after the divorce announcement, the 49-year-old author announced that she would give away at least half of her new assets to charities. Without that 4% of the shares MacKenzie already had total assets of $ 36.6 billion, making her number 22 on the list of the richest women in the world. Add the $ 38 billion and her fortune doubles to nearly $ 75 billion. Her position in the ranking of richest women will also increase and she will end up in fourth place after the payout.

MacKenzie will therefore spend at least $ 37 billion in charities. She also indicated this in a written statement to the Giving Plegde. This initiative was created by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, who want to encourage the world’s richest people to put at least half of their wealth into charities.

Will Jeff Bezos remain the richest man in the world?

Even after donating $ 38 billion, Jeff Bezos himself will still remain the richest man in the world with a monster amount of $ 118 billion. Unlike MacKenzie, he has no intention of donating half of this to charities.

To which charities MacKenzie will give her money, is still unknown.

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