Irish regulator investigates whether Google is violating AVG with data collection

The Irish Data Protection Commission privacy regulator investigates whether search giant Google violates the General Personal Data Regulation with data collection for personalized advertisements. The committee announced this on Wednesday.

The Irish regulator will look at how Google collects and stores data for its Ad Exchange, according to the report. In addition, the Data Protection Commission wants to know whether this is in line with the AVG, the European privacy legislation that came into force a year ago.

The investigation takes place after a report from, among others, Johnny Ryan, CEO of the company that makes the Brave Browser. He has publicly posted the evidence that he has sent to the Irish Privacy Commission and has written an argument. The privacy commission in Ireland, after a complaint from Ryan, started an investigation into advertising organization IAB Europe. That happened last month.

It is unknown if and when the investigation by the Irish Commission will be completed. Google has its European headquarters in Ireland. Google was fined in France in January for violating the AVG.

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