IOS 13 sends unknown numbers directly to voicemail

When you are called by an unknown number, you actually know that it will be a commercial talk, but your curiosity is often just too strong to just let the call go. However, you soon notice that it is indeed your bank that you are calling to rubbing you in and you resolve never to accept the call of an unknown number again. Does that sound familiar?

In iOS 13, Apple will provide a new functionality called “Silence unknown callers”. This option can be switched on or off and ensures that calls from unknown numbers are sent directly to voicemail. Apple uses Siri intelligence to see if a certain number appears in your contacts, mails or messages. If this is the case, the call will be passed, but in all other cases the caller will be directly connected to voicemail. The phone won’t even ring or light up.

So if you have emailed with someone who has his number in a signature and this person is calling you, this call will continue because Siri recognizes this number from one of your emails. So you don’t have to create a contact for everyone right away so that they can call you.

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