Investment legend Mark Mobius makes a U-Turn: “I may have to buy bitcoin!”

Investment legend Mark Mobius makes a U-Turn: "I may have to buy bitcoin!"

Investment legend Mark Mobius makes a U-Turn: "I may have to buy bitcoin!"

Investment legend Mark Mobius, who spoke to Bloomberg, said that Bitcoin could win his support if the current bull run would continue.

Investment Wizard: I’ll probably buy bitcoin

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Mark Mobius made critical statements about the biggest crypto money before. Now known as the “Investment Wizard”, the investor admits that it is impossible to ignore the potential of this crypto currency. Mark Mobius, the investment legend, adds:

I’m not a buyer, but I realize it’s something we have to account for. Let’s face it, all currencies are faith-based. You can use it if you believe in dollars, yuan or euro. at the end of the day there are a lot of people who believe in bitcoin , and if it continues to grow, I will probably buy it and join it.

As US finance veteran, Mark Mobius has a significantly more positive stance against Bitcoin and crypto currencies than investors like Warren Buffett and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. Mark Mobius, however, reiterated the debate about Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, which are allegedly used for illegal activities such as drug trafficking. As Cointelegraph reports, research continues to corroborate such assumptions and show that crypto currencies are a tool of choice for bad players.

Mark Mobius: I believe Bitcoin and other crypto coins will be permanent

In addition, Mark Mobius said that the crypto currency requires faith in functionality, that something is right for central paper currencies, but not for Bitcoins, for example based on the precision of a mathematical formula. But Mark Mobius makes it clear that in the future he will be willing to include it in his portfolio. Mark Mobius, focusing on the developments in May, highlighted the ease of transferring money with Bitcoin. The “Investment Wizard” added the following to his explanations:

There is certainly a desire to transfer money easily and confidentially among people all over the world. Therefore, i believe that bitcoin and other crypto currencies will be permanent.

Mark Mobius has made a rare U-turn. Because, in 2017, when Bitcoin traded around $ 20,000, he made it clear that this crypto currency had no unique value.

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