Hundreds of thousands of investors get access to information on best performing cryptocurrencies


Investors using the Bloomberg and Reuters financial terminals have recently gained access to an index showing the 100 best performing cryptocurrencies . The “CIX100” index uses artificial intelligence (AI) to be able to filter the best cryptos from a large selection of cryptocurrencies. This news was announced in a press statement published on June 13.

CIX100 is a list of 100 cryptocurrencies that performed the best according to different algorithms. AI investigates more than 1,800 different cryptocurrencies based on 200 factors, such as how long they have been in the top 200 and on which cryptocurrency exchanges they are available.

The analyzes are made on the basis of 33 terabytes (33,000 gigabytes) of data. This data includes millions of transaction data, news articles from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, and social media messages.

Ultimately, there remains a list of 100 cryptocurrencies that, according to the algorithms, performed the best in the past month. Every month the list is updated with the most current information. Not only users of the Reuters and Bloomberg terminals can use the data, TradingView has also added the index to its range. The TradingView’s Chief Strategy Officer said about the new instrument:

Integration of the CIX100 Cryptoindex shows TradingView’s commitment to advancing fintech […] Data is rapidly becoming commodities and access to them will determine the success of future companies.

CryptoCompare and the major US stock exchange Nasdaq recently announced that they have launched a new price information product . Prices of different cryptocurrencies are displayed as accurately as possible every minute. Thanks to such price information services, more and more investors have access to high-quality data.

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