Huawei: We are preparing to launch an Android alternative

Huawei has confirmed that it is working on rolling out an Android alternative. The operating system with the name Hongmeng is currently being tested in China. There have already been rumors about an alternative developed by Huawei on Android.

Andrew Williamson, who works at Huawei as vice president of the communications branch, indicated in an interview with Reuters news agency that preparations are being made to release its own operating system for smartphones, and that the company is “potentially releasing” it . Williamson mentions the potential because the release of an Android alternative is not the desired scenario: Huawei would rather continue to release Android smartphones.

Should it still be necessary, the Android alternative can be brought to market within a few months, according to Williamson. In rumors three devices were already mentioned with the mobile operating system developed by Huawei, which should be released in October.

Furthermore, Williamson also said it would probably apply for the trademark right to the Hongmeng name. This confirms rumors that Huawei is working on a mobile operating system with the name Hongmeng.

Huawei is working on an alternative on Android because of the trade restrictions imposed by the US. As a result, it is no longer allowed to do business with American companies, including Google. Huawei is challenging these sanctions.

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