Huawei prepares for a drop in smartphone sales of up to 60%

honor-20 huawei release

Huawei is preparing for a fall in smartphone sales of 40 to 60%. Can the sale of the Honor 20 save them?

Bloomberg wrote on Sunday that Huawei internally takes into account a fall in its smartphone sales up to 60%. After the US trade ban, it seems realistic for the Chinese smartphone maker to take this into account. Yet the company still has hope.

Huawei delivered more than 200 million smartphones in 2018. But according to the company’s sales and marketing managers, sales will fall seriously. To counter this decline, the company hopes for a positive launch of the Honor 20 on June 21 in Europe. If the first sales results setbacks, the company immediately removes the Honor 20 from the market. Bloomberg states that the two largest French telecom operators are not going to offer the device.

Chinese market becomes priority

In addition, the smartphone manufacturer will invest twice as much in the Chinese market in 2019. That could compensate for the loss on the other side. In addition, the company is working hard on its own solutions. Last week we learned that Huawei would launch the first smartphones with its own OS ‘Hongmeng / Ark OS’ in October.

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