Huawei launches the first smartphones with Ark OS in October

Huawei is launching its first Ark OS smartphones by October. First in China, then the rest of the world will be next.

The rumor mill around Ark OS has started. Huawei will release a number of smartphones by October that run on its own Ark OS instead of Android. The first launch will only take place in China, later in the year the new models will also appear in other countries.

Ark OS or Hongmeng

It is not yet entirely clear what the new OS will be called: Ark OS or Hongmeng? The truth is in the middle and will come true. In any case, it is fairly big news that Huawei is launching its new operating system so quickly.

The new smartphones will be cheaper than the rest, so it is not about the Mate-30 series for example. The Global Times reports that the Chinese smartphone maker is working with Tencent, Oppo and Vivo to test its new OS. The new system would also be compatible with Android applications, only Huawei would have developed its own application store.

Earlier this month there were rumors that Huawei was working on a plan B after the trade ban with the US. Possible screenshots of Ark OS were also released via the German patent office.

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