Huawei is negotiating with Aptoide as an alternative to Play Store

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Huawei has started negotiations with Aptoide, a Portuguese download store. That could serve as an alternative to the Play Store. Huawei also has its own App Gallery, but there are fewer apps.

Aptoide and Huawei have consulted, claims Dinheiro Vivo. How far those negotiations are is not clear. Huawei has its own app download store with AppGallery, but Aptoide has a larger selection with 900,000 apps. Aptoide cannot offer an alternative to other Google services such as Play Services and SafetyNet, as a result of which many Android apps will not work or will only work on smartphones without those services.

In the meantime, Huawei says that American companies have urged the US government to lift the trade ban. The CEO claims this in a press conference of which China Global TV Network has put a part online.

Meanwhile, pro-Huawei sentiment is increasing in China, South China Morning Post writes . Various top people with iPhones have exchanged their smartphone for a copy of Huawei. That state media report this, indicates that the Chinese government does not reject sentiment to trade in an iPhone for a Huawei.

The US Department of Commerce has banned US companies from trading with Huawei and with 70 companies related to the Chinese company. Based on this decision, Google was recently forced to no longer provide Huawei with an Android license, although a three-month delay soon followed.

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