Huawei CEO does not want a Chinese counterattack in trade war against US

At this point there are quite a few people who would like to see a counter-attack from China in the trade war with the US, which exploded last week. More and more American companies are forced to stop their cooperation with Huawei and every day the list of remaining trading partners becomes shorter. Yet today there was this statement about a counter-offensive from China: “First of all, that will not happen. And secondly, if it happens, I’m the first to protest. ”Believe it or not, these words come from none other than Ren Zhengfei, the founder and CEO of Huawei.

The student becomes the teacher

A clear message can be found in the Bloomberg interview that produced this statement: Huawei does not need the support of the US. He even looks at it from the positive side. Even without being allowed to trade in the US and the continuing undeclared work, Huawei managed to uphold and grow into the monstrous power that Trump fears. Zhengfei says he will not even accept any help or deal from the US: “If Trump calls, I will ignore him.”

The US may have short-circuited Huawei, but China holds similar cards for the American Apple. If China did a similar maneuver and banned all Apple technology, the company would be allowed to kiss almost a third of its profit. Zhengfei prefers not to see this happen, since he sees Apple as a teacher: “Apple is my teacher, it leads the way. Why should I go against my teacher as a student? Never.”

The final note of the interview also continues on Zhengfei’s confidence in Huawei. He continues to believe that the technology of his company will ultimately prevail.

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