Huawei cancels laptop due to US trade ban

Huawei has canceled the announcement of a laptop due to the trade ban with the US. The manufacturer has confirmed a previous rumor about this. It is the first time that it has been known that the Chinese hardware maker is not releasing an already developed product due to the ban.

The Information reported that Huawei this week wanted to announce a laptop in its Matebook series, but has abandoned it. This week CES Asia is in Shanghai, where the manufacturer wanted to show the laptop. It is unknown what model it would have been. According to The Information, the release is not possible, because Huawei currently has no access to supplies from Intel processors and is not allowed to install Windows on its laptops.

The US Department of Commerce has banned US companies from trading with Huawei and with 70 companies related to the Chinese company, although a three-month delay soon followed. Since then, Microsoft has taken the Huawei Matebook models that it sold from the digital shelves, but models that were for sale in the Netherlands are still available at various stores.

It may be a temporary delay, says Huawei CEO Richard Yu to CNBC . He confirms the cancellation of the announcement. If the blacklisting continues, the laptop may not appear at all.

It is not the first Huawei product that may not come out due to the blacklisting. The already announced Honor 20 Pro smartphone also has no release date. The Huawei subsidiary said on Wednesday that it did not yet have any information about a possible release of the smartphone, which was probably not approved by Google in time for a release with Google services.

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