Group of masked men raids Bitcoin (BTC) bank in Birmingham

Group of masked men raids Bitcoin (BTC) bank in Birmingham

Group of masked men raids Bitcoin (BTC) bank in Birmingham

A group of masked men has raided a Bitcoin bank in the English city of Birmingham. The police have now started an investigation. This was reported today by the Daily Mail.

Witnesses are watching

A business called The Bitcoin Exchange was targeted by a group of thieves at around 10pm on Monday in Sparkhill, Birmingham.

Via a local Facebook page, the images of the burglars who looted the building were put online.

Good morning Birmingham – let's start the day off with a video of a robbery in Sparkhill last night…

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The thieves plundered the building while the witnesses were just watching. Not much later the group drove away in a car that was waiting in front of the building.

Investigation started

The West Midlands Police has since started an investigation. Yet there is good news to report; the police have already confirmed that nothing of value has been taken from the company.

Although the thieves have tried to steal a Bitcoin ATM, the bank owner Adam Gramowski assures that the thieves did not get anything.

There are no BTC [Bitcoin]in the machine, they are being sent directly from our server. The robbers were after cash.

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