Google’s Remote Desktop app becomes easier to use

Google, Teamviewer and Microsoft: they all have one thing in common, because they all have a Remote Desktop app. Google’s has now become a lot easier to use.

With its own Remote app, Google competes with, for example, Teamviewer. Until now it was not really competitive, because it was not that easy to get the app to work once on two devices. Of course it is nice to be able to help your friends or family remotely, over the phone such an IT session is usually not too smooth. That is why apps such as Teamviewer exist and are used relatively often; although there are of course many business elements to team viewer. Don’t feel like studying Teamviewer? Then Google now has its own Remote Desktop site to connect to a desktop remotely in a few clicks.

Google Remote Desktop website

As I mentioned earlier, Google already had an app to perform the same action in the past. The app will not disappear , instead they will continue to co-exist. Unfortunately, you didn’t get a great experience in the app, mainly because the user interface is quite outdated, and the setup process is therefore no fun. The new website makes it easier to turn on your computer and start a Remote Desktop session, without having to work through all kinds of hoops. You create the login code on the device, which allows the other person to log in with a different computer in one click. You can start a session directly via the Google website.

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