Google wants exceptional position in US trade ban with Huawei

Google has warned the US government that the trade ban with Huawei can ensure that the company will develop its own Android version that contains more bugs and is therefore more susceptible to hacks. Google therefore wants an exceptional position in the ban.

The Financial Times writes this on the basis of insiders. Due to the trade ban, Huawei phones should no longer receive Android updates. That is why the Chinese company would make its own version of Android, which the company can update. Google argues that this modified version probably contains more bugs than the version that Google makes itself. As a result, this version would also run the risk of being hacked faster. In this way, the Huawei phones form a national security risk more quickly. To avoid this risk, Google requests an exceptional position in the trade ban.

According to the newspaper, the talks between Google and the US government are behind closed doors, so both parties do not want to make any official announcements about the negotiations. In mid-May, the US government banned US companies from trading with Huawei and seventy companies related to Huawei. The trade ban has been suspended by ninety days. Huawei is challenging this prohibition through the courts.

Due to the trade ban, Google can no longer issue an Android license to Huawei. That means that Huawei should switch to an open source Android version without Google apps and the Play Store. Security updates will be available later for that version, and Huawei will not get access to early Android betas. Behind the scenes, Huawei is also working on its own operating system to replace Android if needed. This operating system might be called Ark OS.

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