Google shows two ‘Top results’ per website in the search results

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Google has indicated that it will adjust the Google Search results, the search giant wants more diversity in the ‘Top results’ applied for news, for example, it writes on Twitter.

When you perform a search you will see a number of ‘top results’ based on your search term. In the past there were situations in which Google showed more than one search result per website. The search giant has now updated its policy and will improve the diversity based on your search. Now that the diversity in the search results will improve, according to the company you will see a maximum of two ‘top results’ per website, so that you can see information from different websites without having to scroll through many pages. Please note, it is possible that Google still exceeds the new ‘maximum numbers’, although that will only happen if the pages are very relevant.

Google Search algorithm

Google indicates that it relies on an algorithm to determine whether a second page of one and the same website can be considered ‘interesting’. To prevent websites from using many sub-domains to get to the search results more often, Google will view the main domain, sub-domains and root domain as one domain. Only once it recognizes that there are multiple relevant pages, it is possible that multiple search results from each of the domains will appear on Google. At the time of writing, the feature is already live, although it does not seem to be perfect. Danny Sullivan of Google also says ‘that it will improve over time ‘.

These adjustments are completely separate from previous changes that Google has implemented with regard to the algorithms for picking up and weighing an article. This change should make it easier to recognize which pages are important to view yourself, especially if they are pages from the same (sub) domain. As indicated earlier, the change also makes it easier to come across other sources that work further downwards, printed in the ‘top results’. For smaller websites, it can therefore sometimes have a positive effect on the monthly visitor numbers and a negative effect on the large websites.

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