Google launches Nest adapter for everyone

google ninety7 nest adapter

Ninety7 makes an adapter for Google’s Nest that makes it possible to install the smart doorbell in all houses and buildings. A welcome extra!

Nest had 1 major shortcoming so far; you could only install the smart doorbell if you had the right cabling. Google now wants to change that to make the product open to everyone. Specifically, the internet company has launched an adapter with which you can still set the smart doorbell.

The adapter is not the most aesthetic solution, unfortunately you have to drill a hole for it in the wall. Of course, that hard work pays off, especially for larger companies that want to keep an eye on the front door of their office.

Google and Ninety7

The Nest Adapter is surprisingly not made by Google itself. For this the company works together with Ninety7. We already know the latter for its nice smart speakers and adapters . The new adapter is sold in Google’s online store and costs around $ 29. Of course there are even cheaper solutions on Amazon. But it’s always nice to know that Google now offers a solution that is more likely to be better.

It also makes sense that the American company does not want to make its Nest too dependent on a battery. A while ago, August launched another smart doorbell that was fully battery-operated, but had to remove the product from the racks a few weeks later because the bell gave a very weak signal.

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