Google finally says goodbye to the YouTube Gaming app

YouTube has grown rapidly in recent years, partly due to the rise of gamers on the platform. Yet life has now ended for a separate YouTube Gaming application.

You sometimes wonder at Google to what extent research is being conducted into interest in certain projects. Various projects have already been destroyed in recent years, such as the Google Allo chat application. Together with the Google Assistant, it had to be a revolutionary application for (group) conversations. Just like Google’s ‘Plus’ social media, it never caught on. This week another tombstone will be placed for a service from Google. YouTube Gaming has fallen victim to Google’s austerity round. The app will no longer be available after this week. Users are already being redirected to the normal YouTube app.

YouTube Gaming app

When the app was launched in 2015, I wondered why Google still needed a platform to stream videos. Probably it also asked itself: last year it decided to put an end to the life of the application. One of the reasons that Google makes the decision to close the gaming application is the confusion that arose when using the apps. Such a reasoning is not so difficult to imagine. People had to use the YouTube Gaming app for live gamers’ videos and the normal YouTube app for all other videos. Many of the functions that were present in the Gaming app are now also in the ‘standard’ app.

Google has already set up a help page for all current users of the application. The application will be closed on 30 May and it is advisable to remove the app. Google itself indicates that users can navigate to a specific tab of YouTube to get a similar experience as with the Gaming app. In practice, this results in a secluded place where only game videos appear. In addition to the fact that the app was used to test features such as a dark theme and channel subscriptions, that was one of the most important features of YouTube Gaming. Google will continue to build the YouTube Gaming community via the normal YouTube app for Android and iOS.

Tombstone on Google’s cemetery

The YouTube Gaming app was launched in 2015. Google thus promised a better experience for live video and worked on removing irrelevant videos from the gaming section. According to the company, most people continued to use the normal app and many users did not know what the gaming app was made for. YouTube is now ready for a future full of gamers and live videos. Yet it is painful to say goodbye to another Google app. If you want to walk quietly past all the Google services that have died, then the Google Cementry remains the right place.

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