Google Chrome beta 76: more privacy & extra dark mode

Google Chrome beta 76

More privacy, extra dark mode and an improved incognito mode: those are Google’s plans for the new Chrome 76 that will roll out on July 30.

Google already announced that it was going to keep Adblockers out of its browser. Now this claim seems to be changing. The company has sat down with the Adblockers and has brought forward a new proposal. Instead, it will not exclude the Adblockers but will ensure better privacy.

Instead, Google wants to encourage its developers to write better extensions that will protect user privacy.

Chrome beta 76

Currently Google is still working on Chrome 76, but the beta is already available. After the launch of Dark Mode in Chrome 73, it now adds an extra feature. Website developers now get the option to extend Dark Mode to their own website. Provided Chrome users have set Dark Mode, the full page including website will be dark.

Moreover, the internet company has adjusted its incognito mode. Before that you were still recognizable as an incognito user and you could not get through the payment wall of publishers. But now Google has also stopped this. From Chrome 76 it is possible for users to bypass the payment wall via incognito mode.

As a bonus, Chrome from 76 also offers the option to completely block Flash. The company has already announced that it will completely ban the plug-in from its browser from 2020, but is already anticipating it anyway.

From July 30, the final version of Chrome 75 will be rolled out worldwide.

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