Google builds fourth data center in Saint-Ghislain

After Google unveiled three years ago about the construction of a third data center, the American technology company decided to open a fourth data center at the Saint-Ghislain industrial site. According to the company, this brand new center would provide a total investment of 1.6 billion euros in the Belgian economy.

Google itself says it is very committed to Belgium according to Frédéric Descamps, Facility Manager at Google Belgium. In addition to the total investment of 1.6 billion euros, they also want to offer more support to NGOs, schools and companies in Saint-Ghislain and Bergen.

Importance of artificial intelligence

According to outgoing Digital Agenda Minister Philippe De Backer, the government is convinced that artificial intelligence must be given a central place in our country’s policy. By using this technology our standard of living can be improved and we can facilitate better healthcare and environmental protection.

Belgium takes a leading role

In response to this revelation, Prime Minister Charles Michel says that it is excellent news for the Belgian economy. “It confirms our position as digital pioneers, a reputation that we have carefully built up over the years.” In 2009, the first data center in Europe was built in Saint-Ghislain. Not much later in 2015, a third center was built to the value of 300 million euros. Because the center is right next to a channel, a special cooling system is used where evaporation takes place.

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