Goldman Sachs accelerates the development new secret crypto project

Goldman Sachs accelerates the development new secret crypto project

Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs will tokenize financial assets

A new job listing from investment banking giant Goldman Sachs reveals obvious intentions to continue developing digital assets at an unprecedented pace.

The job listing is looking for a project manager of digital assets under the auspices of the GS Inccerator’s own incubator program.

Summing up this role, the bank indicates that in the future it is expected that in the future “a comprehensive roadmap will be developed for the development of distributed ledger technology (DLT)”, “will contribute to a thorough understanding of the relevant products, technologies and markets” and “support and repeat a complex project planning document involving several stakeholders. ”

Although the listing reveals several details of the Digital Assets project, this work was mainly attributed to the bank’s securities division.

As part of GS Accelerate, the project will be located in a rapidly growing internal division that seeks to rapidly develop solutions and products that can innovate in the traditional financial services industry.

The enumeration reflects this urgency, emphasizing that hiring is expected to “work according to a tight time frame in a rapidly changing team environment,” and that GS Accelerate’s broader ambitions are to develop “new business ideas for GS, while offering employees there is an opportunity to work in a rapidly developing business environment. ”

This is also indicated in the basic desired skills that potential candidates are looking for, which include “the passion and understanding of digital asset technology / blockchain / distributed ledger, capital markets and financial services rules”.

As reported, Goldman CEO David Solomon said recently that he believes that global payment systems are moving in the direction of stable coins – cryptocurrencies are tied to non-binding assets, such as the US dollar.

Solomon said that market participants must assume that all large financial institutions are closely monitoring the potential for tokenization, stable coins and friction-free payments.

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