GM and Michelin launch tires without air

It sounds very strange and maybe even illogical but it is more convenient than you think! GM and Michelin have together unveiled a prototype of airless tires. The system is called Uptis and stands for ‘Unique Puncture-proof Tire System’.

According to Michelin you would hardly notice the difference. The tires are made for high speed driving on the highway and the comfort would be the same as a conventional tire. The aesthetics of the tires is a less positive side of this new technology, because they don’t look that good!

Science fiction? Certainly not. In the video Michelin explains that this innovation also entails ecological progress; for example, the use of airless tires would save more than 2 million tonnes of waste. Because the tires are much more durable (cannot be broken with nails or high curbs) you have to replace them less.

Uptis would therefore immediately provide a number of ecological, financial and safety benefits. That is not entirely unimportant, the car market is constantly being tested by new technologies. The world is crying out for sustainable solutions and Uptis made already a big step in the right direction towards the future of our transportation.

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